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The Q1 staff communication conference in 2018

In order for a better talk and connect to employees, boost the company`s culture, create sustainable communicating platform, implement the understanding and respect, TK Group (Holdings) Limited called for the conference in the first floor of TKA building for Q1 staff communication at 2 pm, on march 29, 2018, top managements, managers and employee representatives attended the meeting, TK Suzhou joined it via the internet web camera, more than 260 people in the meeting.

TK Group thanked outstanding teams and excellent people in the past season as the first item in the conference, TK appreciated their companies and hardworking. Today`s succeed made by all staffs, but our managers did a lot for company, we do believe the corrective direction and clear objective will drive company more stronger.

4 new managerial people who just boarded TK and made introductions, they are the Project Manager Mr. Lin De Wen, STD Business Development Manager Mr. Wong Wei Minh, First High-Performance of TKP Producing supervisor Mr. Huang Xiao Lin,Precision Unit TKP Producing Supervisor Mr. Yuan Lee Peng, another Software Development IT Supervisor didn`t join the meeting due to a business trip, all attendants welcomed new colleagues with big around applause, TK Group wishes that new strengths will contribute their talents, growing up with company.

The third item of the conference, HR Director Dianna Tseng talked about the Wechat Complaint Channel, she listed some figures that ended of the March, totally received complain 20 times, solved 19, and other 3 cases need some time (some cases happened in 2017).

At the end of meeting, the First Special TKP Quality Supervisor Mr. Hong King Cheng shared a story of company culture with an article” Keeping our customers successful”, he talked about the disparity of designing drawings, now China is lagging behind a lot to the developed countries. He found out the design defects when he receiving drawings from customer, he gave customer the detailed analysis and corrective planning, customer praised his suggestions and modified drawings. This cased proves the gist of keeping our customers successful and outstanding design ability in TK Group, it raised up from conducting contracts to probe customer`s relations.

Look back, we got very fruitful achievement, standing here, we are ambitious,envision future, we have a great expectation, let`s hands in hands to face to the new challenges. The Q1 staff communication conference is finished. Thank you very much.